No.4000 외부 기생충 방지 목걸이


Item No. 4000   Prod. name Flea and Tick collar

Measurements 35 cm   Colour Brown   Active substance Dimpylat   Content Packet with 1 collar of 14 g

Features Medicine. Active ingredient: diazinone. Effective for 5 months. Against fleas and ticks.

This item is a medication registered in Germany. Importers need to check regulations before sales in other countries are effected.

Sales in the UK are not possible due to a lack of registration.

벼룩 및 진드기 등의 외부 기생충을 예방하는 목걸이 형태의 예방제입니다. 목에서부터 약효가 몸 전체로 퍼져 5개월간 효과가 지속됩니다.


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